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MMA Training Gloves

on AUG. / 04 / 2011 | 0 comments

Ring to Cage
Primetime EFG

Review by Aaron Wayne-Duke

Price $49.95
Ring to Cage Hybrid Training Glove
Ideal for both training and competition with open palms and weighing 6oz.  Thumb and palm are made of neoprene for extra comfort.  Extra wide velcro wrist strap for extra support.  Lightweight but thick padding often not found in hybrid training gloves. Made of genuine leather.

Price $64.99
PrimeTime Level 4 7 oz Training Glove
This MMA Glove is sanctioned by WKA, KICK Int’l, Thailand Sports Commission and State Boxing Commissions around the USA.  Side note-WWE Superstar The Undertaker wears these gloves regularly during his professional wrestling matches and these gloves can be seen in the movie “Never Back Down”.
PrimeTime's Level 4 MMA Glove

I own both and have put them to the test.  Primetime has been in the game longer and their construction and quality shows.  Mark Wodika and his team have the added advantage of the Combat Pad ™ padding that is a favorite on the MMA circuit.  Ring to Cage offers a nice glove at a slightly lower price so if your budget is tight Ring to Cage is still a quality choice.  The only complaint with Ring to Cage was that the elastic wore out quickly (less than 3 months).

Most bang for the buck = Primetime Fight Gear's Level 4 7oz Training Glove.  You can buy cheaper gloves but your hands and pocket will eventually pay the price.  The $20.00 “training” gloves being marketed to UFC fans at retailers like Kmart and Hibbets will last as long as the flavor in your bubble gum.  

Century Martial Arts Uppercut Bag

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Century Martial Arts Uppercut Bag
Review by Aaron Wayne-Duke

Bag work is a staple for many martial artists, boxers and fitness trainers.  The main problem with a free standing bag or even a hanging bag is that the one punch that is often difficult to do is the uppercut.  Century Martial Arts offers their Uppercut Bag that is a stand alone attachment.

Priced at $59.99 retail, the bag is ready to go out of the box and onto your favorite heavy bag.  The plastic buckle is pretty sturdy and the adjustable strap made it a snap to get a snug fit.  The uppercut bag is made out of soft dense foam core and has a slip resistant cover.

I noticed after the first uppercut that the bag moved a little but during the 20 minute tryout it maintained it's general placement.  It adds a dimension for solo workouts that you can normally only achieve with a partner holding pads or focus mitts.

Athough it's a neat little “gadget” I believe that a pool noodle and some duct tape would be a cheaper alternative for the budget minded athlete.  Obviously if you are running a professional gym or studio the duct taped pool noodles on heavy bags might not give the impression of quality that you would want to present to clients and potential students.

Pros:  Easy to attach and it does what it is supposed to do.
Cons: 60 dollars is a lot of money for a dressed up pool noodle, if the price was lower I would rate it higher.

3 out of 5 uppercuts

Unstung - The Failure of The Green Hornet

on MAR. / 23 / 2011 | 0 comments

Review by Aaron Wayne-Duke

The buzz about The Green Hornet movie had been building for several years with the rumor that Clerks mastermind Kevin Smith would write and direct. After two alleged scripts and no studio action, Pineapple Express and 40 Year Old Virgin actor, director and writer Seth Rogen, took the helm for what should have been a blockbuster of epic proportions. Rogen not only co-wrote the script but also stars as Brit Reid, a goofy, irresponsible playboy whose life changes drastically when his media mogul father dies.

The movie never gets started and is a waste of money and time. This movie is also sadly disrespectful to the true characters of The Green Hornet from the radio, comic book, and 60s television series starring the late Bruce Lee.
The script is weak, with dialogue that is childish and irreverent, packed with unneeded profanity. Unfortunately, the action sequences are very short, other than the car chase to the Sentinel.

While one can't blame Kato (Jay Chou) for the script, it should be noted that Chou's portrayal of Kato is that of an equal and not that of a subservient sidekick. There are two nods to the man who played Kato during the 60s television series which true fans will easily spot.

Overall, this movie will disappoint more than its fair share. While some fans are saying it was a great action flick, many, like me, are scratching our heads trying to figure out the plot and the point of the movie. It was a failed attempt at juvenile humor and comedy, when it could have been a darker, more serious display of the Hornet's characters, history and background. 

1 sting out of 5  (and the sting is for the Black car in a bad movie.)

Ip Man

on MAR. / 23 / 2011 | 0 comments

Review by Elizabeth Brown

If you want to see a movie with almost non-stop martial arts, then this movie is for you. Based loosely on the life of Yip Man, this movie contains all the martial arts action you could ever need. Ip man (Donnie Yen) is a Kung Fu Master who is the first to teach Wing Chun in China. One day a band of martial artists comes to town and starts challenging all the schools in the area. All are defeated except Master Ip. The movie takes a dramatic turn, but I will let you experience that on your own.

This movie was 75 percent fight scenes, with legs being broken, noses, arms, anything you could really think of. All of which are done with very fast and perfected martial arts skills. The movie is set in China, so all the architecture and costuming are excellent, and allows the story to really come alive. The movie is rated R so it is not recommended for kids or people with weak stomachs, but for everyone else, I highly recommend it.

You can now watch Ip Man online at

Ninja Assassin

on MAR. / 23 / 2011 | 0 comments

Review by Elizabeth Brown

Ninja Assassin was one of the most gory and graphic ninja movies I have ever seen, which makes it the best. Raizo (Rain), the attractive and deadly killer, is part of a highly-trained, ancient clan of ninja assassins. Raizo turns against his clan and begins to fight back. Meanwhile, a strong, yet skittish Interpol agent named Muka Coretti (Naomie Harris) is investigating the clans. The two team up to bring them all down.

Rain shows off his martial arts skills and strength, but not really his acting. At times in the movie he shows off his body by going shirtless, which didn't really go with the movie, but is a nice treat for the ladies sitting in the audience. He also seems to have inhuman strength and immunity. Any normal man would have died at least three times by the end of the movie and yet there he stood.

The way they portrayed the ninjas is something I have never seen before. The weaponry was very unique, and made the ninjas even more dangerous. The use of darkness and shadows was masterfully done, as it gives the perception of fear and allows for the stealth of the ninjas. All the fight scenes are high impact and exciting and lead to someone's bloody death.

Ninja Assassin had decapitation, dismemberment, and lots and lots of blood. A small, sweet and innocent love story, sealed by a kiss. An adventure you will never forget. What more could you want from a ninja movie? I say nothing!

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