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Hapkido World Seminar 2010 Europe - Netherlands

There is a special international seminar under the leadership of the 9th Dan Hapkido Grandmaster Hong Sik Myung, who is president and founder of Hapkidowon – World Hapkido Headquarters (WHH). Grand Master Myung was present for the first time in Nethrlands. This Seminar opened on April 15Th and went on to the 17Th, lasting for 3days at Culemborg in the Netherlands for Europe Hapkido artists and Martial artists. 

On April 15th and 16th for the first two days of the Seminar organized by the Dutch Hapkido organization (NHB, Nederlandse Hapkido Bond), was open to masters, instructors, black belt holders and Hapkido artists. There were even a number of European and world champions present as Hapkido has gained in popularity throughout Europe to include Germans and Belgians. During the seminar, Grand Master Hong Sik Myung explained about the power of "Ki" (Life force or universal energy ) in Hapkido, How to use Ki in Hapkido techniques including DanJeon HoHeupBeop (Hapkido abdomen breathing exercise), SohnSalLiKi (Spread fingers apart), Hapkido striking and SulKi (Technique), joint locking, Throwing techniques and many different Hapkido spin kick, etc, 

On the last day, April 17th , the international seminar also under the leadership of the Grandmaster Hong Sik Myung, for Europe Hapkido masters, instructors, and black belt holders was held in the Sports Hall Interwey in Culemborg. Master Roe Min Myung lead the class with warming up exercise and assisted Grand Master Myung with the teaching of young children, 8-12year old Hapkido artists.  In this world seminar, GM Myung demonstrated his techniques and showed many different views. Grand Master Myung also explained in very detailed illustration each skill in his own English.

All of the masters and participants were very impressed by his seminar and demonstration. Master Zingel said “GM Hong Sik Myung’s skills are super! We are happy we have met him, it is a honor for him to  him teach us, and we are proud he is our grandmaster!!!!  Our students and other schools were very enthusiastic about his seminars, skills, kindness and demonstration!” Also Master Pierre van Bentum said “I'm very proud to have met GM Hong Sik Myung and his skills of Hapkido. It's really an improvement for the European style of Hapkido. My students were all happy to practice with him."

As a special highlight to the events, Grand Master Hong Sik Myung presented a beautiful plaque to Master Martin Zingel, as host of the seminar as a representative Netherlands of the Hapkidowon –World Hapkido Headquarters. And special Korean certificates of the completion of course were given to each participant.


Dutch Hapkido Championship (9th ONK Hapkido 2010)

“The 9th ONK Hapkido 2010 (Dutch: de 9e Open Nederlands Kampioenschappen Hapkido 2010) The 9th annual Dutch Hakpkido Championship in the Sports Hall Interwey in Culemborg took place in April from the 15th to the 17th. Grand Master Hong Sik Myung was present to supervise and direct the championship.  He was given an enthusiastic welcome. Grand Master Hong Sik Myung was also a special guest of honor at the event. 

Directed by Grand Master Hong Sik Myung of the Hapkidowon - World Hapkidowon Headquarters and Organized by Master Martin Zingel, president and Master Pierre van Bentum vice president of the NHB (Nederlandse Hapkido Bond) Grand Master Myung and Master Zingel held the honor of opening the ONK 2010 Hapkido seminar and championship. 

Early in this championship, there was a Special Presentation Ceremony; Master Martin Zingel received a flag of Hapkidowon – World Hapkidowon Headquarters from President Hong Sik Myung to open the Championship as a representative of Hapkidowon.

Grand master gave a certificate of award to Master Martin Zingel, which was presented to him in recognition of his great dedication in coordinating the championship for the 9th year.  It was with deep and sincere gratitude and in recognition of his efforts in propagating the art of Hapkido and as organizer of the championship and host of the seminar. 

Master Franz-Josef Wolf, president of IHC from Germany, gave a special gift to Grand Master Hong Sik Myung. Master Zingel and Master Pierre gave a Dutch handmade painted plate (Delfs blue) for all good and special things Grandmaster Hong Sik Myung do and did for the NHB!

This 9th ONK Hapkido welcomed 170 participants from 4 different countries, including  masters, instructors and black belts to compete  for  the bronze, silver and gold.

As Grand Master Hong Sik Myung directed and Master Zingel assisted the competition, there were also demonstrations in weapon defense techniques, NakBeop(falling) and high skill self defense techniques such as joint locking and pressure point applications. ( In an unrehearsed demonstration  to the participants, Grand Master Hong Sik Myung's  opponent, Pierre van Bentum 4th Dan  from Culemborg, tapped on the mat regularly during the demonstration  as a sign for Grand Master Myung to release.  "It really did hurt laughed Bentum a little later.")


During championship, In his interview with Reporter Marcia Jansen (newspaper De Gelderlander), Hong Sik Myung says.  “In hapkido You use the power of the opponent to defend yourself. You do not own so much for this. That makes this sport therefore very suitable for older people, women and children. With little power to cause a big impact.” This is because in Hapkido, you use your opponents power or make him or her  lose balance, you control the opponents move by using his own power against him, and  with the use pressure points, joint locks, etc.   Hapkido, is the only martial art that is primarily focused on self-defense. It is a gentle self-defense art.

The participants had the honor of  demonstrations given by Grand Master Hong Sik Myung in between competitions. Several high skill techniques were demonstrated including defense against the knife, and defense kicking with his opponent Hapkido Master Pierre Van Bentum. An impressive demonstration of JukDoMakKi with DanBong (Defense with short stick against the bamboo sword) was given by Grand Master Hong Sik Myung and Master Roe Min Myung.  A remarkable demonstration showing the high skills and effective techniques of hapkido.  An explanation of the techniques was given in both English and Dutch by Master Martin Zingel.

Grand  Master Hong Sik Myung gave the results of the championship  and passed out medals and beautiful  trophy’s to the winners of the competition. Participants of the seminar and championship expressed their gratitude and respect for Grand Master Myung. 

September 13 2010 TaeKwonDoTimes.