The Beginning and the End

Grandmaster John Pellegrini, founder of the International Combat Hapkido Federation taught an all-day seminar on March 10th in Red Hook, NY.  The seminar’s theme focused on the importance of the beginning and final phases of a physical confrontation.

“In the teaching of self-defense,” said Grandmaster Pellegrini “We mostly focus on the proper execution of the actual techniques: posture, speed, accuracy, power, etc. The correct mechanical performance of the techniques is the core (the “meat & potatoes,” so to speak) of our training. And so it should be. However, we should also invest a good portion of our time in 2 extremely important areas of the total physical combat experience: the beginning and the end. Simply put, what happens and what we do in the few seconds (sometimes microseconds) before we get into the actual technique and later, what happens and what we do immediately after the execution of the technique (what we sometimes refer to as the “finish”) determines not only the ultimate success or failure of our strategy and our technique but carries extremely serious consequences in the moral and legal framework of our society. As modern warriors we must live by a code of honor that is consistent with our culture. We also must take responsibility for our actions so that, while assuring our self-preservation and certain victory, we demonstrate wisdom, courage, self control and discipline. That is why I have decided to make “the beginning & the end” of a physical confrontation the theme of this and some other future seminars.”

Master Hector Jiminez of the Red Hook Martial Arts Academy, the host of the well-attended seminar, added “this is the sixth time
I have hosted GM Pellegrini to this area and the one on one training with him is always great.”

GK Zachary

Editor, Adult Martial

April 02 2012 TaeKwonDoTimes.