WTF and ITF strengthen ties

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 The President of the World Taekwondo Federation (WTF), Dr. Chungwon Choue, and the President of the International Taekwondo Federation, Dr. Chang Ung, met last Friday March 8th at Turnhalle St Georg restaurant, located in Hamburg (Germany), on occasion of the holding of the German Open 2013, which is being played this weekend. The meeting, held in a relaxed atmosphere, helped both organizations strengthening their ties, as they committed to promote Taekwondo together around the world from now on.

With this verbal agreement, President Choue and his counterpart Chang Ung certified the good relationship that both organizations hold nowadays, leaving behind the distancing that they shared in the past, when each Federation decided to follow its own path.

The wish of both parties is to certify an agreement in the coming days that will allow all WTF competitors to participate in the events organized by the ITF with only one condition: respect its current competition rules. The same will happen with ITF athletes willing to take part in the events organized by the WTF. This initiative will also include the Poomsae competitions of each organization.

In addition, the imminent agreement could also include the unification of the Official Demostration Teams of both Federations, which would mix together to create a unique Demostration Team, made of athletes from both the WTF and the ITF.

WTF Vice-President Sun-Jae Park, ITF President Dr. Chang Ung, WTF President Dr. Chungwon Choue, DTU President Soo-Nam Park and ETU President Sakis Pragalos at German Open 2013 official dinner

All these initiatives follow a clear objective: leaving any past disagreement and rivalry behind to work together in consolidating Taekwondo as as a truly global sport.

The WTF and the ITF are expected to hold a press conference in the coming days to inform the Taekwondo Family Worldwide about all the details of the yesterday’s agreement, which will still be subject to the approval of the WTF Council and the General Assembly, as well as the corresponding ITF bodies.


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