Greetings on the Opening of the Taekwondowon



As you gear up for a successful year in 2014 - which, as the Year of the Horse, reflects the indefatigable spirit of the Korean people - may your future be blessed with good fortune and hope.


In 2013, the Taekwondo Promotion Foundation worked diligently to complete the construction of the Taekwondowon, to prepare meaningful and valuable programs, and to ensure that operations at the center go smoothly.


Our dream is for the new center to be a holy site for Taekwondo. To make that dream a reality, we will be bringing you new, exciting programs in April 2014.


In the days to come, the Taekwondowon will be a place that communicates the values and spirit of Taekwondo to the world, a place that is filled with the true spirit of Taekwondo. The center will become a cultural asset not only for Korea but also for the whole world, a place that all of us can be proud of.


It is said that everything starts with hope, that hope is an eternal beginning. Inspired by this saying, we will prepare for the long-awaited opening of the Taekwondowon with an attitude of new hope.


I humbly request your continued interest and support for the Taekwondowon. I pray that health and happiness will always be with you and your family.


With sincere gratitude,


Taekwondo Promotion Foundation

Chairman Bae Jhong-shin

January 13 2014 TaeKwonDoTimes.